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Prototype Development

AKRO Tool Company can assist you with prototype development for metal products, machines, and subassemblies. Fabricated prototypes are often fully functional "first generation" products.

Our development process lets customers achieve these 8 main objectives:

  • verify or fine tune a design concept
  • access structural features
  • visualize proposed enhancements
  • consider product options or "second generation" versions
  • develop a DFM strategy that will lead to the best strategy for manufacturing
  • assist in decisions regarding materials, dimensional tolerances, and post-manufacturing processing such as heat treating or plating
  • accurately forecast production costs
  • test market a concept with customers, or at a trade event

AKRO Tool offers prototype development services for products as straightforward as workholding, and as complex as production machinery. We often generate multiple prototype versions to assist with design evaluation based on your vision.

Our proven prototype development system is considered a high-value, modest-dollar program that pays significant dividends, in time and cost savings, later in the manufacturing cycle.

Contact us now for ideas and alternatives to make your next project a success!