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CNC Repair / CNC Service

"Everything for most Cincinnati Machines!"

Deffren Machine is the region's specialist in CNC repair, CNC service, also upgrades and relocation for Cincinnati Machines.

For more than 35 years, we have provided quality CNC service and repair for most Cincinnati Machines in use: horizontals, verticals, skin mills, 5-axis profilers and more.

We offer a complete CNC service and repair solution, including expert diagnostics, laser calibration, ball screw replacement, electrical troubleshooting - virtually anything related to a Cincinnati Machine.

Spindles making noise?
Spindle bearings wearing too quickly?
Beds out of alignment?

Cincinnati Machine CNC service and repair is our only focus. We do more of this specialized work than any firm in the region, and have credentials and experience unmatched in the tri-state.

All Deffren Machine field technicians are trained service specialists. We are authorized by Cincinnati to restore machines to new machine specifications, and qualified to provide the mandatory certifications for government and aerospace applications.

More Performance from Your CNC

Deffren Machine retrofits Cincinnati Machines to meet your goals for greater speed, higher productivity, or wider usage. We also retrofit machines with new drives, controls, motors, and electrical apparatus, and rebuild gear boxes so your CNC machine delivers greater productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

Deffren Machine also offers a preventive maintenance service - a CNC Health Check - where we replace filters, run ball bars, make sure pressures and other metrics are set properly - and much more.

Machine installation

When a CNC machine needs to be relocated, whether locally or across the country, Deffren Machine Tool provides professional tear-down, inspects the new foundation to assure the leveling pads sit properly, and makes sure the machine is installed parallel with the datum line for perfect alignment and cell configuration. Our machine calibrations are brought back to each machines proper tolerances. We return your machine to the close tolerance performance it had the day you installed it.

Contact us for CNC Repair and CNC Service on your Cincinnati Machine!