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CNC Machine Installation

Deffren Machine Tool Service Inc. provides expert analysis, tear-down, re-installation and re-commissioning of Cincinnati 4 and 5-axis Horizontal and Vertical CNCs, as well as Profilers and Skin Mills.

Whether you’re relocating within your plant (in-house), across the tri-state, or across the the country, our CNC installation process begins by establishing a back-up of the hard drive, and doing a complete Health Check, including a Ballbar test. This standard test shows the geometry, drives and machine condition, both electrical and mechanical. We then work with the riggers you hire to expertly tear down the machine, properly tag each wire and connection, and prep for transport.

At the new location, Deffren Machine makes sure the new foundation is level and proper. We work both with customers that use an I-beam, and those that use a cored hole method; if it’s the latter, once the machine is in, we pour grout into the foundation to secure it to the floor.

Once the machine is in place, we check the geometries and lasers, and set it up for production. Our set-up protocol includes a check of all drives, motors and scales.

It also includes:

  • re-setting of pressure gauges
  • re-setting of spindle lubricators
  • component adjustment
  • controls and electronics
  • final alignment
  • validation or recertification
  • integration with upstream and downstream systems

The proper handling and management of CNCs and their components requires special knowledge, skills and experience to assure a safe and successful installation. For more than 35 years, Deffren Machine has provided expert CNC relocation support for OEMs and contract manufacturers. We do everything needed to assure the integrity of your relocation, and everything required to bring your machines quickly back to running condition.

Whether you are relocating your CNCs between facilities, or are buying or selling a Cincinnati Machine, Deffren Machine provides the expertise needed to assure a smooth transition – or a smooth transaction.

Contact us now for ideas and alternatives to make your CNC machine installation a success!